Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets can be purchased at the Oelwein Chamber & Area Development Office (OCAD) in downtown Oelwein.
Tickets can, also, be purchased at the Wellness Center Check-In Desk (in the same building as The Williams Center).
Tickets can, also, be purchased online through our website.

Yes. Online ticket sales are available on this website. By selecting the PayPal option, the sale can be paid by any credit card.

If buying your tickets in person (at the Oelwein Chamber & Development Office or at the Wellness Center Check-In Desk), we only accept cash or checks when paying for season tickets or individual show tickets.
However, if buying your tickets online (through this website only), we do accept credit cards as payment (through PayPal) for your single-performance tickets.

After purchasing your (single performance) tickets online, the tickets can be picked up at our ticket booth, before the show begins.

Our ticket booth is located in the main lobby of The Williams Center.

No, we do NOT mail out tickets.
Your tickets will be held at the ticket booth until you pick them up on the day of the show.

All tickets sold are non-refundable.
No refunds will be given.

Yes. We encourage people to share their tickets, so more potential patrons can see our shows.

There are handicapped spaces in the small parking lot on the South side of our building accessed by using the lane next to the building.

There are four wheelchair bays. Please call ahead to reserve those bays. If requested ahead of time, placement at the end of a row, or in the front row, can be arranged for patrons using a walker or needing extra leg room.