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Green River Revival: A Tribute to CCR

Green River Revival:
A Tribute to CCR

October 6, 2018 – 7:30 pm


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Green River Revival - CCR Tribute Band

Green River Revival is the #1 nationally touring Creedence Clearwater Revival / John Fogerty Tribute Show.  CCR was an American rock band active in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.  Their musical style encompassed the roots rock and swamp rock genres.  The show is very faithful to a live CCR performance with favorite CCR classics “Bad Moon Rising”, “Proud Mary”, “Up Around the Bend” to name a few.  The band, also, mixes in John Fogerty classics.  (… Read More)


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Green River Revival - CCR Tribute Band

If you are searching for North America’s most authentic sounding CCR tribute, look no further than Canada’s own GREEN RIVER REVIVAL.  The singer sounds so much like John Fogerty you’ll swear it is the real CCR!  The members of this band have played together across Canada, Mexico and the U.S. for decades presenting the ultimate CREEDENCE REVIVAL.

The show presents the music of CCR with a storyline that incorporates all of the CREEDENCE hits and includes several costume changes including those plaid flannel shirts made famous by Creedence in the 60’s and you gotta see the boys dressed in army fatigues depicting the era of John Fogerty’s Vietnam protest songs!!

These boys have entertained hundreds of thousands and they are a favorite with First Nations, Casinos ,Theatres  and Festivals, always delivering first class entertainment. They have already sold out 8 theatres in 2018 and are now officially licensed by John Fogerty’s Record Company!  For an exciting show full of nostalgia, sing-a-longs and a down right good old time, you’ve got it all with the GREEN RIVER REVIVAL!


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Green River Revival - CCR Tribute Band


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